Our mission:

The Bound Fur Life Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization established to keep pets with their owners through dog training sessions, pet food assistance, and veterinary care financial assistance programs.

Take a few minutes and apply today to see if you qualify for pet food or vet bill assistance.


Working hard to help pet owners keep their pets!

Apply today and see if you qualify. If you need help with the application please call 316-880-1120

Helping you keep your pet.

Our P.A.W.S Cause programs focus on keeping your beloved pet(s) with their current owner and decrease the strain on rescue organizations and shelters. We want to do all that we can to keep your pet in your home. Currently we offer pet food assistance and vet bill assistance. We can also help if basic training is needed for your pet. Please fill out an application to apply for help today. Click on the 'P.A.W.S Cause' tab for more information.

*If you want to drop off pet food, call and make an appointment or see if we have a drop off location close to you. Click on the "Sponsor&Drop off" tab at the top of this page.